Pay as you go.
$60.00 per hour for Wedding Dance Lessons. This can include up to 8 people, any additional person after that would be charged an extra $8.00 each.


Thank you Swish, you provided a fantastic wedding dance teacher for us. We had so much fun each week, learning all the steps for our wedding dance. He was very patient and turned us into "dancers". We are looking forward to taking up ballroom dancing in the future!
Sarah and Brian
Our wedding dance lessons were the most fun we had together out of all of our wedding planning. Your Swish staff were very professional, tailoring our wedding dance to suit our skill level. They made it an experience we will never forget. We didn’t want to have our first dance awkward and shuffling, nor an over the top choreographed routine. The routine for our wedding dance was perfect for us. We are very happy with the lessons and will recommend you to our friends.
Tamara and Blair
We wanted our wedding to be really different. The wedding dance you prepared was just what we wanted and suited us and our theme perfectly. Each time we look at our video we think our wedding dance is amazing. It was great fun to learn something a bit different. Thanks Heaps .
Taylah and Dorian
We thought that the music that was really special to us might have been hard to use for a wedding dance but you made it all work with a great routine. Our guests thought it was really romantic.
Jamil and Tegan
Our wedding dance was fantastic! My new husband could actually dance! Thank You Swish!
Zara and Ashley
I thought it would be really hard to learn a wedding dance particularly for Chris as he says he has 2 left feet. You made us feel welcome and comfortable and were really, really patient with us. We loved our lessons and our wedding dance. We are thinking of continuing with dance lessons because it’s something we can enjoy together.
Belinda and Chris
We are having such a great time in our wedding dance lessons. We can’t wait until the actual wedding to show everyone what we have learnt.
Michelle and Greg
Thank you Swish! Our wedding dance was fabulous, just what we wanted, our guests were really impressed and thought we looked great. We loved the fact that you made a wedding dance routine to fit our music and gave us a unique wedding. I will be telling everyone!
Jackie and Luke