It’s always good to start with flat shoes that have a leather or smooth sole. As you become more comfortable with the steps it is good to wear shoes similar to those you will wear on your wedding day or your wedding shoes.
Comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely are the best.
The number of lessons will depend on whether you or your partner have any dance experience, how quickly you master your dance, how much practice you do between each lesson and your budget.
Any of the dedicated staff of Swish Wedding Dance will choreograph a fantastic routine for you and assist you and your partner through your lessons.
If you cancel and give us 24 hours’ notice we will reschedule another lesson at the next available time that works for both you and your teacher. Unfortunately less than 24 hours’ notice will incur a cancellation fee.
Of course! We would love to assist your father by teaching him a dance that he can do with you and feel confident in front of an audience dancing it. All lessons associated with your wedding are charged at the same low price of $60.00 per hour for up to 8 people.
Lessons are available on weekday evenings with starting times between 6pm and 9pm or on Saturdays. We will fit in with what suits you best.